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Playing Mafia Wars in Mobile Phone Browser

October 31, 2009 6 comments

mafia wars imageWell, if you haven’t see my previous post about WordPress webmaster tools, you can see it in here, or if you want to see PHP related post, you may want to see this and this.
Ok, here’s my next post. If you’re a Mafia Wars player on Facebook, and want to play it while you’re on a car or a train you can follow this suggestions:
1. Download Bolt Browser for your mobile phones. You can download it here. Or you can get it from Just search bolt browser from search box and download it to your phone. It is in jar format. Well, back to the topic, why Bolt, why not Opera Mini? It’s a very popular mobile browser! Well, because Zynga seems made some modification on the game, the latest Opera 4.2 can’t run the game very well. But Bolt can 😀
2. Run Bolt, and access the URL, and enjoy 😀

A little note about this suggestion, Mafia Wars is build for web browser, not a mobile browser. So don’t expect you have the same experience playing it on your phone.

If you have time to try it, give me some feedback about your experience 😀
And don’t forget to add me on Facebook ( Lets play! 🙂


New WordPress Webmaster Verification Tools

October 24, 2009 5 comments

Well, for you out there that use blog that haven’t verify your website using Google Webmaster Tools may be frustated about recent changes made by Google.

The old way seems cannot handle it anymore (for all of you who wrote how to verify your wordpress blog out there should update your post :D). Luckily WordPress is aware of it. They work hard for a solutions and they give a solution. Even better they give us tools about it!

So i’ll post the quick how-to do it, here you go:

  1. Get a Gmail account if you haven’t
  2. Access the Google Webmaster Tools
  3. In Home Page Click Add A Site, insert your WordPress url
  4. This will bring you to Verification Page

    Google Verify Site Page Image

    Google Verify Site Page Image

  5. Now Copy the meta tag as described there.
  6. Now open your blog dashboard that you want to verify.
  7. Choose tools from side menu, or turbo at the left side of log out  link.
  8. Find the WordPress Webmaster Verification Tools, you have to scroll down because it is in the bottom.
  9. Paste the meta tags you copied earlier into first input box and save changes

    Wordpress Webmaster Tools Image

    Wordpress Webmaster Tools Image

  10. Back to Verification Page and Verify, and it’s a wrap. Thanks WordPress 🙂

You can find the manual here

First Run

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I haven’t write at all right now… But I’ll share my thoughts and personal experience (largely it will be about web application development) whenever i have any spare time. Thanks!

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