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10 Tips for PHP Beginner

October 22, 2009 3 comments
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One day my friend asked me one short question that will have very long (and not to mention it is vary between people) question: “What should I do as a newbie PHP programmer?”
Well, here are the answers from my personal experience, 10 answers exactly:
1. Be determined, be passionate
You won’t succeed if you don’t have this kind of attitude when it comes to learning programming (well…. not just programming though). It will give you a major advantage as you walk through this wild wild.. erm.. amazing world.
2. Reinventing The Wheel
Hey, what’s this? There’s many people say don’t do what others already done! Well… it’s better to know the detail of a car than just using it. As someone who knows the detail of the car can fix their own car, thus they can call themselves a mechanics… see the similarity with a programmer? To be a good programmer you should spend your time to build your own simple script, build your own function, or build your own framework.
3. Don’t Reinventing The Wheel
Don’t be confused about this… 😀 I said earlier you should spend your time to make your own php script. But not in every case! Sometimes it’s good to look to others script to make yourself improved. Balance is the key (yin yang anyone?)
4. Read some (good) book
Well… I don’t know if in other country have the same problems, but here in my country there’s many repetitive and boring programming books about PHP. Choose the right books and choose carefully please! Personally I like Gutman’s book and the one from O’Reilly, but you can choose any books easy for you to understand.
5. Don’t get too far away with the manual
Many many times when I begin to coding in PHP, the manual are always there to help me. So don’t forget to put it one your arsenal every time you starting a session of learning and working with PHP. RTFM 😀
6. Gain some from internet
There’s thousand.. no, even more resource on the internet to help you to progress. Examples are and
7. Learn from your surrounding
Don’t be afraid to ask. You will lose in the middle of nowhere if you won’t ask someone to help you. Ask everyone, especially the senior when you stuck in a problem. They often have the solution for you.
8. Look at your code six months from now and criticized yourself
If you look at it and think it’s ok then you’re doing something wrong. Be criticized about yourself. That way you can find some room for an improvement.
I read it from Brandon Savage Blog Here
9. Keep the life cycle
Don’t stop learning. Hey, the world constantly changes… so we have to do it in order to survive, right? It’s the same thing in programming. Always up to date about your knowledge. Don’t stop to learn.
10. Take some projects
This is the last answer, take some real deal project!! Feel the adrenaline!! There’s no better way to improve than this way. Implement every efforts and knowledge you have from learning phase. Besides, you cannot call yourself a programmer when you don’t do programming on some project don’t you?

Well that’s my answers. How about yours?

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